The Geomorphometry 2020 preliminary program 

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Day 1 - 12/10/2016

Time Event Title Authors and Speakers
08:00-09:00 Registration    
09:00-09:30 Greetings and welcome speeches    
09:30-10:10 Key-note speaker When the neo-geography creates commons "Maurizio Napolitano (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy)"
10:10-10:40 coffee-break    
10:40-12:10 "Scientific Session: Citizen science and user generated geospatial content Conveners: Maria Brovelli, Jens Ingensand" Keys to successful scientific VGI projects Jens Ingensand, Sarah Composto, Olivier Ertz, Daniel Rappo, Marion Nappez, Timothée Produit, Mathias Oberson, Ivo Widmer, Stéphane Joost
OnoM@p: a Spatial Data Infrastructure dedicated to noise monitoring based on volunteers measurements Erwan Bocher, Gwendall Petit, Nicolas Fortin, Judicaël Picaut, Gwenaël Guillaume, Sylvain Palominos
Weather events identification in social media streams: tools to detect their evidence in Twitter Valentina Grasso, Imad Zaza, Federica Zabini, Gianni Pantaleo, Paolo Nesi, Alfonso Crisci
Crowdsourcing with mobile techniques for crisis support Simone Frigerio, Luca Schenato
12:10-14:00 Lunch    
14:00-15:30 "Scientific Session: Modelling spatio-temporal processes using open source geospatial tools Conveners: Mauro Rossi, Annette Witt" r.avaflow & r.randomwalk: two complementary and comprehensive open source GIS simulation tools for the propagation of rapid geophysical mass flows Martin Mergili, Matthias Benedikt, Julia Krenn, Jan-Thomas Fischer, Shiva P Pudasaini
Simulation of marine activities by coupling Geographical Information System and Agent Based Model: improvements and technical achievements Annalisa Minelli, Cyril Tissot, Mathias Rouan, Matthieu Le Tixerant
A geoprocessing modelling interoperable framework for AgriGIS using open data and open standards Roberto Santos, Dai Huynh, Suchith Anand, Rumiana Ray, Sean Mayes, Didier Leibovici
Evaluation of the parallel performance of the TRIGRS v2.1 model for rainfall-induced landslides Massimiliano Alvioli, Daniele Spiga, Rex L Baum
15:30-16:10 Key-note speaker Theory and Practice of Reproducible Research "Riccardo Rigon (University of Trento, Italy)"
16:10-16:40 Coffee-break    
16:40-17:40 Scientific Poster sessions (authors must be present at their display for presentation) Challenges in VGI for scientific projects Jens Ingensand, Sarah Composto, Marion Nappez, Timothée Produit, Olivier Ertz, Mathias Oberson, Daniel Rappo
An agent-based model to assess the forest fires dynamic in the southern Swiss alpine region Annalisa Minelli, Marj Tonini
A GRASS tool for the Sediment Delivery Ratio mapping Pierluigi De Rosa, Corrado Cencetti, Andrea Fredduzzi
QGIS plugin or web app? Lessons learned in the development of a 3D georeferencer Timothee Produit, Jens Ingensand, Gillian Milani
Exploiting freely available imagery to improve land cover characterization and shallow landslide detection Stefano Crema, Marco Cavalli, Giulia Bossi, Luca Schenato, Lorenzo Marchi
Mapping irrigated areas using multi-sensor remote sensing data in a Mediterranean environment Pasquale Nino, Silvia Vanino, Flavio Lupia, Giuseppe Pulighe, Carlo De Michele, Guido D'Urso
The Open Data GeoPortal of the Lamma Consortium Manuela Corongiu, Riccardo Mari, Raffaella Ferrari, Lorenzo Bottai, Valentina Grasso, Federica Zabini, Luca Fibbi, Daniele Grifoni, Claudio Tei, Franceso Pasi, Bernardo Gozzini, Simone Giannecchini
Geothematic open data in Umbria region Andrea Motti, Norman Natali
Open Source for Water Management: including capabilities of MODFLOW-OWHM in the FREEWAT GIS modelling environment Iacopo Bosi, Rudy Rossetto, Massimiliano Cannata, Giovanna De Filippis, Matteo Ghetta
CREGIS-Q: a GIS tool to support decision making in case of aquifer contamination emergency Anna Bruna Petrangeli, Elisabetta Preziosi, Francesco Campopiano, Angelo Corazza, Andrea Duro
Observation analysis tool for the FREEWAT GIS environment for water resources management Massimiliano Cannata, Jakob Neumann, Mirko Cardoso, Rudy Rossetto, Laura Foglia
Development of a WEB-GIS real-time dynamic landslide risk scenarios procedure - Umbria Region civil protection early warning system, a case study Francesco Ponziani?, Marco Stelluti, Nicola Berni
The GEOBASI (Geochemical Database of Tuscany) open source tools Manuela Corongiu, Brunella Raco, Antonella Buccianti, Patrizia Macera, Riccardo Mari, Stefano Romanelli, Barbara Nisi, Stefano Menichetti
Social event
10:40-12:10 Scientific Session: Open Geospatial for water Conveners: Massimiliano Cannata, Iacopo Borsi" Exploiting observations and measurement data standard for distributed LTER-Italy freshwater sites. Water quality issues. Simone Lanucara, Paola Carrara, Alessandro Oggioni, Michela Rogora, Lyudmila Kamburska, Giampaolo Rossetti
Impact of the catchment land use on some factors of lakes trophic status: a GIS approach Lukasz Slugocki, Robert Czerniawski
Integration of the MODFLOW Lak7 package in the FREEWAT GIS modelling environment Massimiliano Cannata, Jakob Neumann, Mirko Cardoso, Rudy Rossetto, Laura Foglia, Iacopo Borsi
Oscillation of water table due to rainfall: an experience of modeling in GIS Bianca Federici, Rossella Bovolenta, Dario Balestrero, Roberto V Passalacqua
12:10-14:00 Lunch    
14:00-15:30 "Scientific Session: Free Open Source Software in Remote Sensing for Earth and Planetary Sciences Conveners: Alessandro Frigeri, Francesco Paolo Lovergine"
Assessment of spectral properties of Apollo 12 landing site Yann H Chemin, Ian A Crawford, Peter Grindrod, Louise Alexander
From photo-geology to 3D geological models. An open source approach Michele Santangelo, Ivan Marchesini, Francesco Mirabella, Francesco Bucci, Mauro Cardinali, Fausto Guzzetti
Open source geoprocessing tools and meteorological satellite data for crop risk zones monitoring in Sub-Saharan Africa Tiziana De Filippis, Leandro Rocchi, Patrizio Vignaroli, Maurizio Bacci, Vieri Tarchiani, Elena Rapisardi
Using Python® language for the validation of the CCI soil moisture products via SM2RAIN Luca Ciabatta, Christian Massari, Luca Brocca, Christoph Reimer, Sebastian Hann, Christoph Paulik, Wouter Dorigo, Wolfgang Wagner

Day 2 - 13/10/2016

09:00-10:50 "Scientific Session: CitySmart, Open Source Apps for Urban Management and special event Conveners: Patrick Hogan, Maria Brovelli" NASA WorldWind: virtual globe for an open smart city Maria A Brovelli, Candan E Kilsedar, Patrick J Hogan, Gabriele Prestifilippo, Giorgo Zamboni
City Focus: A web-based interactive 2D and 3D GIS application to find the best place in a city, using open data and open source software Carolina Arias Muñoz, Simone Corti, Monia Molinari, Daniele Oxoli, Gabriele Prestifilippo
LISAM: an open source GIS-based model for liveability spatial assessment Sara Antognelli, Marco Vizzari
An open-source based toolchain for the georeferencing of old cadastral maps Jean-Michel Follin, Maïté Fahrasmane, Élisabeth Simonetto
Special Event: Presentation the winning projects of the NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge Patrick Hogan
10:50-11:20 Coffee-break    
11:20-12:00 Key-note speaker Big Geo Data Maria Brovelli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
12:00-14:00 Lunch    
14:00-15:30 "Scientific Session: Environmental Modelling Conveners: Annalisa Minelli, Erwan Bocher" Design of an open source framework for oil spill decision support system Sahar Mokhtari, Jiri Kadlec
Open source tools to support Integrated Coastal Management and Maritime Spatial Planning Stefano Menegon, Alessandro Sarretta, Andrea Barbanti, Elena Gissi, Chiara Venier
QGIS geoprocessing model to simplify first level seismic microzonation analysis Giuseppe Cosentino, Francesco Pennica
Food availability and flight routes for migratory birds: a GIS approach Clara Tattoni, Erica Soardi, Paolo Zatelli, Marco Ciolli
15:30-16:00 Coffee-break    
16:00-17:30 "Scientific Session: Risk, hazard and disaster management Conveners: Martin Mergili, Ivan Marchesini" Open technologies for monitoring systems aimed at disaster risk reduction Massimiliano Cannata, Yann Chemin, Milan Petar Antonovic, Lahiru Wijesinghe, Vivien Deparday
The open geohazard widget to perform environmental risk analysis Carlo Cipolloni, Matija Krivic, Matevž Novak, Marco Pantaloni
An Open source GIS-based tool for economic loss estimation due to flood events Simone Sterlacchini, Marco Zazzeri, Giacomo Cappellini, Michele Pastormerlo, Alessandro Bonazzi
HELP - An Early warning dashboard System, built for the prevention, mitigation and assessment of disasters, with a flexible approach using open data and open source technologies Lorenzo Amato, Dimitri Dello Buono, Francesco Izzi, Giuseppe La Scaleia, Donato Maio
17:30-17:50 Closing and presentation of the workshops (day after)
Keep the friendly atmosphere! Have a drink together at the « best place to be to have a drink in Perugia », waiting for the great workshops of the following day!
09:00-10:50 "Scientific Session: Spatial Statistics Conveners: Pierluigi De Rosa, Enrico Guastaldi" Delineating flood prone areas using a statistical approach Ivan Marchesini, Mauro Rossi, Paola Salvati, Marco Donnini, Simone Sterlacchini, Fausto Guzzetti
Hotspot analysis: a first prototype Python plugin enabling exploratory spatial data analysis into QGIS Daniele Oxoli, Mayra A Zurbarán, Stanly Shaji, Arun K Muthusamy
Spatial interpolation techniques for a near real-time mapping of Pressure and Temperature data Ilaria Ferrando, Pierluigi De Rosa, Bianca Federici, Domenico Sguerso
Summer Heat Risk Index: how to integrate recent climatic changes and soil consumption component Alfonso Crisci, Luca Congedo, Marco Morabito, Michele Munafò
Building size modelization Arlette Antoni, Thierry Dhorne
12:00-14:00 Lunch    
14:00-15:30 "Scientific Session: Open computational landscape genetics Conveners: Stephane Joost, Solange Duruz" Open computational landscape genetics Stéphane Joost, Solange Duruz, Estelle Rochat, Ivo Widmer
CartograTree: Enabling Landscape Genomics for Forest Trees Nic Herndon, Emily S Grau, Iman Batra, Steven A Demurjian Jr., Hans A Vasquez-Gross, Margaret E Staton, Jill L Wegrzyn
Integrating GIScience and Crop Science datasets: a study involving genetic, geographic and environmental data Roberto Santos, Adam Algar, Richard Field, Sean Mayes
Probabilistic graph models for landscape genetics Brook G Milligan
15:30-16:00 Coffee-break    
16:00-17:30 "Scientific Session: Open Data, Standards and Education Conveners: Olivier Ertz, Gwendall Petit" Implementing an open source spatio-temporal search platform for Spatial Data Infrastructures Paolo Corti, Benjamin G Lewis, Tom Kralidis, Jude Mwenda
Open source GIS for geological field mapping: research and teaching experience Mauro De Donatis, Mauro Alberti, Carlo Cesarini, Marco Menichetti, Sara Susini
WebWorldWind, achievements and future of the ESA-NASA partnership Yann Voumard, Paulo Sacramento, Pier Giorgio Marchetti, Patrick Hogan

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